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  1. GS-13602

Expose Jetty ports in the Admin API (such as the SslSelectChannelConnector used for HTTPS)


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    • Fix versions: 14.0, 12.3.0-patch2
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      Please expose the ports for the following connectors:
      1. org.eclipse.jetty.server.ssl.SslSelectChannelConnector
      2. org.eclipse.jetty.server.ssl.SslSelectChannelConnector (different)
      3. org.eclipse.jetty.server.nio.SelectChannelConnector

      a) Provide the actual port used by each connector as context attributes using a naming scheme to avoid clashes. This could be jetty.<connector-name>.port.actual if the connector has been given a name.
      b) Given that the ServletContext is actually an inner class whose outer class instance has a reference to a org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server which has everything would it be out of the question to make the org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server available as a context attribute?

      Attached the jetty xml file.

      For testing please do the following:
      1. download XAP 12.3.0
      2. create project using <XAP 12.3.0>/examples/web-app/web-space-access/pom.xml
      3. <XAP 12.3.1>replace the original /examples/web-app/web-space-access/src/main/java/com/gigaspaces/examples/web/AccessSpaceServlet.java with the attached AccessSpaceServlet.java
      4. follow /examples/web-app/web-space-access/README.html instructions.
      5. in the console check for:
      >>>jettySelectChannelConnector=" + jettySelectChannelConnectorPort + " not yet implemented");
      >>>jettySelectChannelConnectorPortA=" + jettySelectChannelConnectorPortA + " not yet implemented");
      >>>jettySelectChannelConnectorPortB=" + jettySelectChannelConnectorPortB + " not yet implemented");

      30.8.18 We delivered the patch to the customer.
      16.9.18 I reopened this feature request because when the customer deployed 2 WARS sharing the same jetty.pu.xml on the same GSC, the attribute jetty.[CONNECTOR_NAME].port.actual has been seen for the first WAR but doesn't exist at all for the second WAR.

      1. download http://gigaspaces-releases-eu.s3.amazonaws.com/com/gigaspaces/xap-core/xap-large-cluster/xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war
      2. duplicate xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war to a different name like xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT1.war
      3. copy both xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war and xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT1.war under the deploy dir of the patch we have provided at 30.8.18 (gigaspaces-xap-12.3.0-ga-b19020)
      3. start gs-agent - ./gs-agent.sh --manager-local --gsc=1
      4. run gs.sh
      5. deploy xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war with shared mode - deploy -properties embed://jetty.instance=shared xap-webui-14.0.0-SNAPSHOT
      6. click on "Deployed Processing Units" tab in the gs-ui and then click on the link under "JEE Application Summary". This will open the web-ui on your browser and print all "Servlet Context Attributes names and values" in the gsc log. The following attributes can be seen:
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR42.port.actual, value=8340
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR40.port.actual, value=8328
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR41.port.actual, value=8329
      7. repeat steps 5-6 for the second WAR.
      8. check the gsc.log:

      expected results:
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR42.port.actual, value=8341
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR40.port.actual, value=8330
      Attribute=jetty.MYCONNECTOR41.port.actual, value=8331

      actual results:
      this attributes are missing!

      We need to support also shared mode and not just plain mode. See here:


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