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      When running multiple gateways , I can’t see the graphical representation for all outbound topology. I can see only one.

      Attached example that illustrates multi WAN GW.

      1. Download the example attached and extract its content into an empty folder. It includes two folders: deploy and scripts.
      • Deploy - This includes the PU folders for space and gateway
      • Scripts – This includes all the start agents and deploy scripts

      2. Move the content of the deploy folder into \<GIGASPACES_HOME>\deploy folder.
      3. Move into the scripts folder and edit the setExampleEnv.bat/sh script to include correct values for XAP_NIC_ADDRESS as the machine IP and GS_HOME as the GigaSpaces root folder location.

      The scripts folder contains the necessary scripts to start the Grid Service Agent for each site, and the deployAll.bat/sh script which will be used to automate the deployment of all gateways and space instances. This will allow you to run the entire setup on a single machine.

      4. Run startAgent-GB.bat/sh script to start GB site agents.
      5. Run startAgent-US.bat/sh script to start US site agents.
      6. Run deployAll.bat/sh script to deploy the required processing units.




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